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Gifted brains are hyperconnected, they perceive the world in a richer and more complex way. All of this implies much more than an IQ higher than 135.


“The first thing you notice when you look at the fMRIs of gifted groups is that it looks like a ‘brain on fire.’ Bright red blazes of high metabolic activity burst out all over the scan.”

“…the coordination of diverse visual, spatial, verbal, and sensory areas of brain.”

Eide, B and Eide, F, (2004), Brains on Fire: The Multimodality of Gifted Thinkers https://lifearchitect.ai/brains-on-fire-the-multimodality-of-gifted-thinkers/ Feb 2022.


“Like the rain forest, are you sometimes intense, multilayered, colorful, creative, overwhelming, highly sensitive, complex, and/or idealistic?”

Prober, P. (2016) Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth. GHF Press.


“Zebras, that different animal, that equid that humans have not been able to domesticate.”

“Like our fingerprints, each zebra stripes are unique.”

Siaud-Facchin, J, (2014), ¿Demasiado inteligente para ser feliz? Las dificultades del adulto superdotado en la vida cotidiana. Paidós.


“This brain has greater interconnectivity and efficiency and consumes less energy, indicating that it allows greater multisensory uptake, better memory (capacity and efficiency) and greater organizational capacity, performs more extensive associations, has greater potential for convergent and divergent thought and requires fewer repetitions.”

Sastre-Riba S, Ortiz T. Neurofuncionalidad ejecutiva: estudio comparativo en las altas capacidades. Rev Neurol 2018; 66 (Supl 1)



Photo: https://lifearchitect.ai/brains-on-fire-the-multimodality-of-gifted-thinkers/


Siaud-Facchin, J, (2014), ¿Demasiado inteligente para ser feliz? Las dificultades del adulto superdotado en la vida cotidiana. Paidós.


I usually do water based oil painting. This art store has the colours I was looking for, but it’s always nice to get lost among the canvases, notebooks and watercolors when I’m not in a hurry.


I hear an elderly couple enter, they walk slowly towards the checkout. They must be over eighty. They ask the owner to frame a print, and when they show it to him, something in the man’s tone of voice makes me come closer to see. The paint they’re asking to frame is a wall calendar they got maybe at the local bakery or at the grocery store for Christmas.


I don’t know if what I feel is tenderness, envy or admiration. All of these I guess, I’m overwhelmed. I’ll better buy the oil paints another day because today I would just babble, so I say bye and leave with my goosebumps and that lump in my throat.


We all wear a mask, but in my case it’s an enormous mask.

Show yourself as you are, meet people like you… that may be good advice for people in the center of the Gaussian bell, but it is a huge challenge for those at both ends.

We’re used to the feeling of isolation, of being too far away from the heat of the tribe’s fire, the awareness of being fundamentally different from those around us. There is only acceptance.

Of course, choosing to have fewer people around is not necessarily negative, it also brings great moments.


Photo: Silent Book Club, Lisbon https://silentbook.club/blogs/events/lisbon-portugal